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WOW!!!!! That was mind blowing!! I finished a Life Challenge Consultation with Charlene and was so pleased with what came forth in the session. She knew just what questions to ask to help me get to the truth behind what has been dragging me down. She held up a mirror for me to see what I knew was there on some level but had been in denial about to a large extent. I feel refreshed and now have some tools help me get back to my real path. Thanks, Charlene!!! ~Earl Harville~ (Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Coach)

I enjoyed your poetry workshop [Poetic Breakdown], very powerful expression! The group interaction was safe, insightful and humorous. ~Mina Rhoden~

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the Poetic Breakdown workshop, but I'd attended [Charlene's] poetry reading previously and felt confident enough to invite a friend to go with me. I was really glad I did! Everyone in the group contributed to the shared discussion. The amount of real life, practical wisdom in the room was inspiring. The friend I brought talked with me about it for HOURS afterward, and I'm sure we'll continue to learn from all the shared experiences. I can't wait to attend the next one! ~Christina Laird~

The [Poetic Breakdown] workshop was great fun and also deep sharing and learning about how to look at ourselves and how to change our deep insecurities that  so easily appear when we least expect it. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to challenge myself to grow and further my self-confidence and become more capable for humanity. I would love to go to another of your poetry workshops.  Keep up the great work so many of us benefit from. ~Marlene Kennedy~

[Re: Poetic Breakdown Workshop]: Charlene's presentations get better and better over time. There is so much maturity and food for thought in her words, that everyone can relate to what she's saying and take something from them! If you're looking for a thought-provoking artist, guaranteed to get and keep a conversation going, you should seriously consider hiring this young lady! ~Juliet Simpson~   

I loved participating in the Poetic Breakdown Poetry & Motivational Workshop. Charlene's guided discussion through the material and our shared interpretation was a powerful and thoughtful experience. It was a great way to start off a New Year and Charlene's poetry is powerful, evocative and delivered with a deep strength of self. I look forward to her next event and will bring friends. ~Kathryn Filley Brown~

Wonderful workshop! wonderful you! I'm so impressed and proud of you and your accomplishments! My friend and I were both inspired, and I used what I learned in [Poetic Breakdown] to improve and advance a friendship, and my messages were appreciated! Now that's about as good as it gets!!! Thanks, Charlene! ~Juliana Whitten~

Kasi Yates (Actress and Poet):

The Life Mission [Implementation] consultations I did with Charlene really helped me put things into perspective.  Her process forced me to sit down with myself and analyze my current situation and focus on where I would like to be both personally and professionally.  Before I met with Charlene, I had ideas about what I wanted to do but no clear plan of action or even enough courage to tackle any kind of plan. The questions she asked and the assignments  put me in a place where now I can say I am resolved and excited about what’s to come.

William Ositadinma Ibekwe (Director of Contemporary Culture, Associated Students Programming Board, UC Riverside):

Dear Hustle Diva, 

Thank you so much for performing for us at More Than Spoken Word [with headliner Saul Williams]. When I was researching artists and found you, your dynamic uniqueness entertained me. This is exactly what you brought to UC Riverside, and 320 people in the audience loved every minute of your performance. On behalf of myself, my codirector, the Contemporary Culture Division, and The Associated Students Program Board, thank you for your kindness, patience, and humbleness throughout this whole process,  and most of all thank you for a great show.

Rashondra Woods (Teacher, Morningside High School):

Charlene Green is a phenomenal author, poet, performer! She is a natural story teller, and has mastered the art of writing. I invited her to speak to my all-girls English class and my students loved her! Not only did she inspire them by sharing her story, she also empowered them by allowing them to share their talents with her. She is an inspirational woman who is on the path to true success.

Jeanette Lapham (Junior School for the Blind):

I had the great pleasure of meeting Charlene Green in June of 2009 at a poetry reading held at the Davidson Program for Independence. What a remarkable experience it was! Her written work is amazing and hearing her poetry is a moving experience I highly recommend for all.

Since that time, I have submitted a short story for her comments and was impressed by her recommendations as well as assistance. She possesses a unique view as well as a great grasp of grammar and the written word. I hope to finalize this short story in the very near future and you can be sure she will play a major part in its completion.

MsTmusze (Co-host, Spreading Love N Spoken Words):

As a spoken performer, Charlene E. Hustle Diva Green, brings to mind both the fuse and the boom of fireworks. A wordsmith at heart, Hustle Diva - a name hinting at the shameless signature self plugs (plural) she is known for opening her sets with, is among other titles, a poet with much to say and an extensive vocabulary with which she intentionally says it.

"I may have Hershey's Kisses on top, but on the bottom, honey, I'm built" is just one of many titillating signature lines penned by Ms. Green who in content touches on a variety of topics from a fresh perspective, crafted from personal and vicarious experiences. Charlene's writing prowess is evident in print whether considering her internationally published novel One Man's Treasure or the poems she's composed and self-published in limited edition chapbooks.

In addition to being seen all over Los Angeles promoting and selling her literary wares, Charlene has occasionally taken off the Hustle Diva crown and served important roles within the spoken word community. Most recently she donated her talents as a featured poet for the Junior Blind of America. She was also the volunteer host for Souls in Hand, a live women's art exhibit featuring female poets and songwriters sponsored by fashion cosmetics company Jordana U.S.A. during Women's History Month (March) 2009.

Charlene has even guest hosted for Spreading Love and Spoken Words - a time honored poetry performance space, during a period when the founding hosts were either hospitalized or experiencing family emergencies. Whether on the page, on stage or behind the scenes in supportive stance, Hustle Diva is an important someone both seen and counted on in the literary circles of Los Angeles.

Jeannine R. Miller(Poet, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Publisher):

Sitting on a dream of mine for some time now, I was purely blessed to have crossed paths with Charlene E. Green. Without even skipping a beat she immediately transformed me into mere confidence by simply pointing out what was always before me. Charlene unselfishly revealed to me all that I possessed with strong nurturing words of encouragement. Her words spurred a true sense in me that made me feel as if she had literally put both hands on my shoulders and turned me in the direct path of a destiny I chose to take. Due to her intricate way of pointing out details, it was a destiny I chose to embrace. I am forever in her debt and forever a fan of the abilities she possess. Like a baby-bird, I sit in wait for her to continue to feed me with more of her positive speaking, but like a mother-bird she taught me better– she taught me how to fly on my own. Charlene E. Green is the truth and the truth always shines its light.

Forever my respects,
Jeannine R. Miller

Ameera Snell (Public Health Specialist):

I recently [commissioned] Charlene to create a custom poem to commemorate my daughter's high school graduation. Charlene was able to capture all of the emotion and sentiment that I wanted to convey to my daughter. She created a poem that is personal but has an ability to resonate with everyone that has read it and moved many to tears. Charlene was prompt (I had a final copy within a week) and easy to work with. I couldn't ask for more. (Click here to view video.)

Anthony Crowell/aka IMPACC (Poet, Lyricist):

Hustle Diva is a very punctual poet with a multitude of style and presentation. Her delivery is in your face, and she ain't pullin' punches; Hustle Diva is hard hitting. She speaks with a certain kind of confidence that can inspire and empower yet, she is also sharp enough where that same talent can viciously devour candied competitors, if needed. Her stories, often thought provoking and written so vividly, are so 3rd dimensional at times, I have dubbed them, "Lyricals so vivid, they are Visual." -

Joe Elliot (Engineer, Motivational Speaker):

I am so proud to have had Charlene speak at the recovery Luncheon. She spoke with such a strong and important message that she delivered to us all. Her Poetic statements touch all the right area as well as the same directive avenues of inspirations, hope, and love. Women that were going through recovery said her words sent chills through their bodies as she spoke her statements.

Nakia Smith (Writer, Educator, Motivational Speaker, Healer):

When I think of Charlene "Hustle Diva" Green and her myriad works...I'm lost for words. I know that I find her poetic work to be some of the very best I have ever heard. Her writing puts you exactly in the scenario she created and as you read, you feel the gravity of the moment as if you were there. The motivational work she does is actually her natural state of being as she is always looking for ways to wake up the best in each person she works with and the groups she has been invited to inspire. She is down to earth and very talented. Her work will make you laugh, cry, and above all think. I highly recommend you add her poetic or motivational gifts to your next event and give your guest a treat. You can also be assured that your written communications will have the impact you intended for it when utilizing Ms. Green's editing services which is a flawless final polish for what you want to say whether public or private.

Tamika Byrd (Mental Health Therapist)

I've never felt closer to a dream/goal than I do right now! Thanks to my Hustle Diva Life-Mission Consultation!!! 


Charlene has made an impact on my soul through her words and honesty in her book Building Faith and Character Through Life Challenges. This book has helped me understand that works without faith truly are dead. In order for one to become the person God created them to be, they must surrender all fear, learn to trust with their whole heart and most importantly have the faith of a mustard seed for the mountains they are trying to climb and move. Thank you again for the inspiration, and thank you so much for putting things in a simple format that is easy to follow, as well as allowing the reader to understand that in order to reach your true self, transformation is required and needed; no matter how hard or painful, we end up better in the end!. ~Morshelle Thompson-Tease~

Within the genre of "self-help" books (I've read a few!), Charlene E. Green's newly published Building Faith and Character Through Life Challenges is the most profound and practical literary resource I have encountered. It is a great read--clear, logical, and full of personal experiences to support the guidelines Ms. Green has discovered/uncovered---applicable to everyone. Whether the reader be agnostic, atheist, Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist etc. etc.---something will resonate with that seeking person and make his/her journey more enlightened.

Ms. Green touches the core of everyday human experiences-- interpersonal conflicts, physical and mental illness, financial distress. Yes, this book offers a do-able guideline, a way to change one's thought processes and behavior habits so seemingly unsolvable situations become untangled.

Using problems, sufferings, desires as stepping stones toward enlightenment (as in living with joy, wisdom, compassion and courage), Ms. Green provides a method--using personal, honest proof, filled with humor scenes from her nitty-gritty life experiences.

This book is for the strivers--the seekers of effective and healthy ways to overcome life's challenges.

The concept of expanding one's consciousness to include others is an essential factor in Ms. Green's prescription to happiness. -Dianne Bye, MA in Performing Arts, Syracuse University
Los Angeles Unified School District Theatre Arts Teacher (grades pre-k-12)

Charlene came into my life with her book, Building Faith and Character Through Life Challenges, JUST IN TIME. I have been seriously contemplating making some big moves. Moves that in the past I did with ease. Moves that I didn't think twice about. Unfortunately the four letter 'F' word had a grip on me. I am implacable when it comes to achieving my goals. I go for what I want and circumvent any obstacle with ease. My mother and life experiences have taught me how to get IT DONE! So when this thing called "fear" crept up, it was literally foreign to me. Me, afraid of something? Yeah, right, I am a man. Real men are fearless! This is what I told myself. I knew something was wrong, but just couldn't pinpoint it.

Well, I read this book and BOOM. The reason why I am still in this insidious [work] environment is because I WAS SCARED to leave. Wow! I have been at this job and I know I don't belong here. My sleep is being deprived over it. I have quit jobs that paid more than what I am getting now, without looking back. Reading Charlene's book reminded me to have faith and take control of my life again. And I absolutely know that the Universe has my back. I have MY FAITH back. Charlene, you're a rare gem. - Jonaral K. Martin.

Building Faith and Character Through Life Challenges is a phenomenal read. The messages written in the book are what I need since I am a worry worm, an over planner, and in constant fear of what could go wrong in different aspects of my life. As we all know, life is unpredictable, challenging, and at times we need guidance on how to handle the inevitable life crisis. Charlene's book provides clear and concise methods on how to handle life challenges by practicing a "think before you react" attitude to unforeseen problems, breaking the glass shield of fear, and rewiring your thought process to obtain attainable goals. These are just a few scenarios/methods amongst many that I could relate to in this short but very informative book. I love how Charlene provides methods on how to handle each obstacle through wisdom and faith, in spite of religious preferences. I will definitely practice the methods that were demonstrated in the book when life throws me another curve ball or if I need motivation/inspiration on obtaining certain goals. Great read by an awesome author! -Tammy Campbell Brooks

Charlene's writing [You Are What You Say You Are: Claiming Your Life's Mission & Living Your Dream] is full of good energy and you feel it comes from her heart. She feeds your soul and you want to know more. The part about a "hobby" and a "life mission" was phenomenal. She made me question things and "check in" with myself. I enjoyed the book and loved that it was simple yet articulate. - Jonaral Martin

Charlene, I don’t know how to begin this message to you. Let me begin by saying, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are such an inspiration to me and I’m so glad that I found you! I cannot express how you have touched my life with your words! I just finished reading the ‘wrong version’ of You Are What You Say You Are: Claiming Your Life’s Mission & Living Your Dream.

I had a laser appointment yesterday, so while waiting for the numbing ointment to take effect, I pulled my Kindle Fire from my purse and started reading YOUR book. As I read YOUR words telling MY life story written in a way that I couldn’t articulate if my life depended on it, uncontrollable tears began to flow down my face like a broken levee! WHY oh WHY did I not read something else? I have many books in my Kindle Fire that I could have read, but nooooo, it was YOURS that I chose! As I sat there reading, crying, and texting my husband to tell him how much of an inspiration you are to me, AND at the same time trying to figure out a way to gather myself together before the laser specialist came back, YOUR words wouldn’t let me do it! Even after shutting down the power button and placing the Kindle Fire back in my purse, YOUR words revealing MY life lingered on and on. After my treatment, I couldn’t wait to get home to finish reading YOUR words! I cannot say OMG enough! YOUR self-help book has inspired, motivated, and literally changed my thought process about my career mission! I have a new mindset, confidence, and swagger about myself, TODAY, that I didn’t have YESTERDAY, and it’s because of YOUR words! - Tammy Campbell-Brooks


Well, well, well... Ms. Diva! First, I have to tell you that...I got just a little more than half way [You Are What You Say You Are: Claiming Your Life's Mission & Living Your Dream] when I had an EPIPHANY!!! You wrote about knowing the difference between your heart's passion and having a strong interest in different things. This has been my biggest issue to date, but I truly believe I've figured it out! I know what my mission is and yes I would, and have done it for free many times throughout my journeys! It's who I am... Being of service to others comes naturally for me as it is one of my God-given gifts! I'm more than interested, but truly intrigued with health/wellness... specifically nutrition. I've enrolled in school and working on my personal journey right now. You have a way of putting things that helped me with MY perception of MY life and MY journey. Your circumstances, therefore your journey, is quite a bit different than mine... but when I got past the comparisons, the understanding that I was left with is that: Regardless of, or due to, my history, I too have a mission that is my own! I am overwhelmed with excitement and confidence that I'm on the right path. - Raasheeda Jasiri


By the way... LOVED Wisdom Nuggets! So much to talk about. Going to read again and again. - Jacqueline Lee

Received my Wisdom Nuggets and just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Really, everyone needs a copy of this. - Kay Mainaga

Charlene, Tamika gave me a copy of your book Wisdom Nuggets and it is great!!! I brought it to work and shared it with my co-worker and he loved it!! Just wanted to let you know I have some of your sayings posted on my wall by my desk at work. - Jacqueline R. Lacy

I totally enjoyed Wisdom Nuggets. I will carry some of your advise with me from day to day. Keep up the good work. - L. Jackson

OMGEEE!!! You're my SHERO!!!! I pulled Wisdom Nuggets out last night & got to highlighting!!! I now carry it w/me EVERYWHERE I go to have consistent, in-reach guidance/encouragement/motivation. I'm using it as a resource daily! - Tamika Byrd

Wisdom Nuggets is absolutely awesome. I find myself sitting in awe a lot of the time after reading a section because it just hits so hard into my life. Thank you for putting the book together and making it such an inspirational tool for people…men and women. -Lenora Snyder

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