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Verbal Smoothies for Your Thirsty Soul™


Q: Are all of your poems original work?

A: Yes.

Q: I’m having a birthday party. Will you come do some poetry for me and my guests?

A: Yes, but my services are not complimentary. If you would like to book me for your event, please submit the Event Info form on the Services page, and you will be contacted to discuss the details based on the information you provide.

Q: I run a venue and I would like you to be a featured poet, but we do not have a budget to pay you. Do you accept other forms of compensation such as dinner, free drinks, bartering, or the agreement that you can sell your product?

A: No. Again, my services—more specifically—my time, energy, skill, and talent (T.E.S.T. Package) are not complimentary unless I am at an open-mic venue or involved in a project/event that I have specifically sought to do at no cost to the promoter(s). Reciting poetry is part of my business; it is one of the ways I support myself through my word-based career. I appreciate the effort in offering me food & beverages, and bartering, but unfortunately those items do not cover my fiscal responsibilities. Regarding using the selling of my product as payment, I respectfully decline as it is not in my best interest. While I am always optimistic about crowd support, there is no guarantee that sales will amount to the booking fee. When you have the appropriate budget, I invite you to submit the Event Info form on the Services page, and I would be happy to feature at your venue.

Q: May I commission you to write a poem for someone, or for a special occasion?

A: At this time, I do not offer writing personalized poems as a service, though I have done it for family and close friends on occasion.

Q: Will you come to my school to do poetry and/or motivational speaking?

A: Yes. Please visit the Services page and submit the Schools/Organizations form for booking, and you will be contacted to discuss your event further.

Q: Do you allow videotaping at your events and when you are at open-mic venues?

A: For events, if it is pre-approved by me, then yes, and as long as the videographer and I agree on where the footage will be posted and for what purpose, and that prior to posting, I will receive it for review and final approval. I do not allow taping while I am at open-mic venues. The work I do there is largely rehearsal of new material, and “refresher” recitation of older poems.

Q: Where do you get your ideas for your poems?

A: The majority of my poems are based on my personal experiences, or things I saw, heard, or read about that moved me. On the flip side, I am rooted in the art of fictional storytelling, so some of my poems were created from moments when I had fictional ideas pop into my head, and because I was in poem-writing mode, I wrote them as poems. Since I am keen on my fiction sounding as real as possible, and on having a life lesson or motivational message weaved into as many of my poems as I can, people always ask me if those stories are true. My ultimate goal when crafting fictional poems is that the circumstances, though not mine, are so true to life that they strike a chord in others who have experience with the subject matter, and hopefully they are able to utilize the message(s) themselves. It doesn’t take much for random ideas to come to me and suddenly turn into stanzas instead of chapters in a book.

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